Posters with a Purpose

Today we are selling the posters below from the studio of Marq Spusta along with an exclusive handbill from his gallery event with Further Frames from this past summer.

Each poster image has a description and a price that INCLUDES:

  • The poster as shown in the photo

  • One Further Frames handbill on a random paper color

  • One 5” x 7” mystery mini print

40% of the sales from this lottery will be going to support EARTHWORKS, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions.

You can view poster descriptions and pricing below each image and by hovering over it. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified on Thursday morning. Please be prepared to pay your invoice within 3 days. To enter the lotto to purchase, complete the form at the bottom.

Here are some examples of the colors for the Further Frames handbills (size 7” x 10”):

Here are some examples of the colors for the 5” x 7” mini prints:

All winners have been notified as of 7:15am PST on 11/15/18, please check both your emails for invoices!