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NOTE: The art sold on this site is reserved for new and long time collectors, not for the intention to purchase and resell. By purchasing from this website you are promising Gnome 11 that you are not purchasing with the sole intent to flip or resell. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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At this time, we are we able to accommodate personal requests for specific orders such as embellishments or private orders. Gnome 11 works out of a separate studio than Marq and the other gnomes, so anything regarding drops or Marq's work in general, should be directed to the Gnomes through the Spusta Studio website here. Thanks! 

See what else Gnome 11 is up to on Facebook in the Spusta Gnome's Secret Stash, on Instagram, and what is going up for auction on the eBay page.

If your print arrives damaged by USPS, please send Gnome 11 an email and provide photos if possible. You can mail the piece back to us at and we can workout a solution:

Spusta Studio, 204 Main St. #514, Newport Beach, CA 92661