A Few Chances at a Few Packs While Providing Disaster Relief

The packs of art from the Spusta Studio shown below have been carefully put together by Gnome 11 and each include the prints shown AND TWO ONE-OFF MAGNETS per pack. We are going to shake things up a bit for this lotto, so take your time and please read the instructions carefully.

You’ll have two chances to win, and only two entries per household.

40% of all sales for this lottery will be going to support Hurricane and Disaster Relief via All Hands and Hearts. Expected contributions are over $1,200!

Each print is described with any specifics and prices (you can also hover on the image). Packs come as is and will include a few micros in addition to what is shown.

To enter, you can select two packs you are interested in purchasing and for each pack, “pick a card” from the Spusta Deck of Cards (example: Queen of Hearts, 5 of Diamonds, (no jokers) etc.) and type your guess in the entry form at the bottom.

Gnome 11.5 (Gnome 11’s son) is going to help us draw ONE CARD FOR EACH PRINT PACK to determine the winner to purchase. If there are several winning guesses, we will draw randomly from those. There will only be only one winning pack per person.

Lotto will close on Wed 10/24/18 in the evening and we will display the winning cards under this post (and maybe an appearance by Gnome 11.5 drawing cards).

All orders will add $14 for priority shipping. Winners, please allow up to one week for shipping and be ready to pay invoice by Friday 10/26/2018.

Winners will be notified by 10am PST Thursday, 10/25/18 at the latest. THANK YOU! All entries have been received!