Mystery Bugs & Birds Lottery

Entries for this lotto have been closed as of Sunday 11/13/16, winners have been invoiced.

Today, we need some joy. And what is more joyful than a lottery filled with some of your favorite birds and bugs? Bonus: TWO of you will be winning one of these packs for FREE!

How it works: Here are two types of "mystery bugs & birds" packs, one with a Giclee Print and one without. Both types of packs will include a Bug's Offering 9" x 6" like these... (but which one, that is the mystery)

Each pack will also include a Fweeps 5" x 5" like this:

And will ALSO include one of these little bugs 3" x 6"

A pack with the above 3 mini prints is going for $125 + $10 shipping. There is an undisclosed amount of these packs in Gnome 11's archives. 

A select few of you will be able to add on ONE of these giclee mini prints as well, so the pack includes one of each print shown on this page (4 total), going for $205 + $10 for shipping.

IMPORTANT: 40% of the sales from this lotto will be going to Operation Smile (hopefully this is making you smile)...and these packs MAY TAKE UP TO ONE WEEK TO SHIP. Please be patient and be prepared to pay your invoice within 3 days, as after that we will have to move on to the next in line. One entry per person, two per household. Thank you!