Mini Print Packs Lottery - Part 2!!

Thank you for participating! Winners have been notified as of 11am PST on Saturday 11/5.

Here we go, second round of Gnomey goodness. 40% of the sales from this lottery will be going to Partners in Health, supporting those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. 

Each mini print pack is labeled with a pack letter, and includes only what is shown in the photo. To enter the purchase lottery, complete the form below only one time (two per household) and winners will be randomly selected.

IF YOU WERE A RECENT LOTTERY WINNER DO NOT ENTER THIS ROUND, PLEASE. Be kind and spread the Spusta love, allowing others a fighting chance. We will be cross referencing recent lottery purchases. Thank you for your support!

This entry form will only be available until tomorrow morning and then this form will self combust. Please do not use others' emails to enter, and enter only once.

Packs are $130 + $10 shipping, and pay invoice within 2 days.