Share Our Strength with a Tiered System of Prints

Special instructions: so read carefully. Below, you will find five "tiers" of mini screen print packs from the archive of Gnome 11...from the studio of Marq Spusta. This week, we are donating 45% of all sales from this lottery to Share Our Strength: No Kid Hungry charity.

To enter the random lottery to purchase your selection of art, enter the contact form at the bottom of the page. This entry form will be available for until Tuesday 9/12/17 evening, and then poof, it will be gone. 

How it works: You will choose which TIER you are interested in, and IF selected (randomly) you will be emailed & invoiced, and then (once paid) sent ONE of the packs in that particular tier, but WHICH pack that arrives in your mailbox, will be a mystery. (Note: there may be 1-2 additional packs in these tiers not pictured, but very similar). Good luck! 

(Winners will be notified Wednesday morning, 9/13/17)

Tier 1 - $500

Tier 2 - $300

Tier 3 - $175

Tier 4 - $135

Tier 5 - $65

All entries have been received, thank you! Winners of the lottery will be notified Wednesday 9/13/17 in the morning.