Poster Lottery Saving Our Wildlife

Below are a few different posters and prints from the Spusta Studio with Gnome 11 sending 40% of all these sales to the World Wildlife Fund.

Each poster is priced below and WILL COME WITH TWO MYSTERY 5" x 5" mini screen prints + $15 shipping.

(Note: The Romantic Chemistry Poster is only available as a SET of TWO WITH the Liquid Truth Serum Poster.) 

In order to enter, complete the form below and select the poster (or set) of your choice. One entry per person and only two per household. Form will be available until Sunday 2/25/18 in the morning and then winners will be selected and emailed/invoiced by Monday 2/26/18.


Guess how many prints are in this stack of minis below. Those with the closest guess will be chosen first for the lottery. In the event of a tie, the closest guesses will be tossed together and winners will be selected randomly from there.