Embellished Art that Supports Mothers

Today's lottery of art by Marq Spusta is sending 40% to Every Mother Counts. Some prints are embellished and some come in packs, so read carefully. Every print or pack going out will include a few micros/stickers and a Wee Gnome Bookmark as a bonus. Please see lottery details and fill out the form below to enter the purchase lottery.

For those of you who may be new to the Spusta Gnome's Secret Stash lotteries...it works like this:

If you intend to purchase (and pay the invoice within 2 days) enter the form below with your top 2 print or pack choices. (Prints or packs are priced above and $15 will be added for shipping). We will randomly select one winner for each option and send your invoice to purchase. You'll receive your print (and bonus micros/stickers) within about a week! Thank you as always for your support of Marq, the Stash and these charities!

Winners will be emialed & invoiced by Thursday 9/28 in the evening.