Froompa Aguaticus helping out Harvest Hope

This week we are "featuring" another charity requested by a Spusta collector, and bringing awareness to needs in Columbia, SC

Frompa Aguaticus 10" x 11" 

Frompa Aguaticus 10" x 11" 

Many bins of canned goods for hungry families who rely on Harvest Hope Food Bank are empty, and people who depend on the giant food distributor will face even tougher times if help doesn’t arrive quickly.

Harvest Hope is caught in the same vice that food banks are facing nationally, Holland said. Supply is down because canned food makers, distributors and grocery stores have tightened their inventories, she said. That means fewer cans left over for donation or sale to food banks at reduced prices. Read more here.

We are auctioning off a Froompa Aguaticus (11 of 50, on blue) over on ebay, and Spusta Studio/Gnome 11 will be making a 50% donation to Harvest Hope directly. If $50 can provide 250 meals, we want to help however we can. There's also an option to choose which area your funds can support on the website, so we'll be directing this donation to Columbia. Thanks as always for your support!