Progressing Mini Pack Lottery

Gnome 11 is opening up a stash of Progressing 7″ x 7″ mini screen prints, one of the latest from Marq Spusta, that come in a variety of colors and papers. These Progressing minis will be going as a pack in a lottery to an undisclosed amount of you, and you may be sent a random invoice via Paypal any time in the next week. 

What you'll get:

One Progressing 7" x 7"...

AND ONE 7" x 7" Dripples, 7" x 7" Nibbles, OR a Mysterybibbles** 7" x 7" screen print (your choice)...

AND TWO of any of the below Mystery 5" x 5" mini screen prints

Complete the form below if interested in participating, these mini packs of one Mini Progressing, One additional 7" x 7" of your choice, and two mystery 5" x 5"s can be yours for $120, with 40% of all sales for this lotto going to World Food Program. Allow up to one week for shipping and thank you for your support! 

The form will disappear once we reach 500 entries, but that does not mean all winners have been notified! Good luck! (ONE ENTRY PER PERSON)

**Mysterybibbles may be a Dripples, Nibbles or something else.