First Come, First Serve - Round Two

We have 12 unique prints that are available in this random customer selection lottery. Each selected "winner" will have a choice from the remaining Marq Spusta prints of the bunch if they choose to make a purchase...

40% of all sales are going to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Example: First selected winner is contacted, and they can choose any print shown below, first come first serve, and then purchase (via Paypal invoice). Then Gnome 11 will mark the print as "SOLD" on this page and move on to the next selected winner.

THE CATCH: You will have 24 hours to respond to your email once we contact you to select your print (and you will have 2 days to pay your invoice.)


To enter, complete the form below with your name and email. The first winner will be randomly selected in the next 24 hours, and each following winner will be contacted within a 24 hour period after that. Please check your emails!

Invoice will be sent upon confirmation of which print you choose. Then you will have 2 days to pay your invoice. This lottery may take up to 12+ days to complete, so hang tight and visit this page to see progress of which prints are still remaining!