Mystery Packs for Unicef

Happy Friday! Today we are doing a lottery for some Gnome 11 signature mystery packs. These are a little different from each other, each unique in their own way (just like gnomes.) 40% of sales from this lottery are going to support UNICEF.

Each pack has a 7" x 7" mini print, could be a Slowing for the Sound, or a Progressing, or maybe something else. Some have a Knowing of Gnomeness, some have something that's a little harder to find. Some have a 5" x 5" and some have more than one. But each is sure to bring you happiness and joy on this lovely day. They all have a new Wee Gnome Prince bookmark. 

This lottery is going to be running all day and will have a little Gnome 11 trivia to go with it. Answers (no, not the one about your favorite print) will be posted tonight and winners will be notified then. Please pay by Sunday evening ($150 includes shipping!).

(If someone does not get all the answers, we will go with closest to selection or random for ties).

Which pack you receive is absolutely a mystery, cannot grant any requests on this one! One per person and one per household please! Each pack is $150 and includes shipping.

WINNING ANSWERS: Baby Gnome Bday is in September, Gnome 11's favorite print right now is Seven Birds, and there are 13 packs in this lotto!