Birds in the Rain with a Side of Mini Prints

Today, we have A Couple of Birds in the Rain from Marq Spusta available on main edition (opal) numbered out of 220, a small amount of gold variants numbered out of 20, and a very few pewter variants numbered out of 18. This print is size 16" x 16" and will be shipped in a tube.

40% of all sales from today's lotto are going to be donated to the National Wildlife Federation.

These full size prints are coming with a side of ONE mystery 7" x 7" and ONE 5" x 7" and a few bonus micros/stickers too. Prices are shown below. 

The prints below are examples of some of the mystery mini prints available for this lotto. Some other than what is shown may appear if you are a winner to purchase. 

How to win to purchase:

Guess the total amount of money combined in these two mini Bliss Bug Boxes. Closest guess will be first to purchase. In the event of a tie, winners will be randomly chosen. To enter, complete the form below. Each print will come with TWO Mystery Mini Prints + will add on $15 for shipping.

Winners will be contacted (and the total $ will be announced on this page right here) tomorrow, Monday, May 21st in the evening. 

Total amount in box was $15.19, winners will be notified by 5pm PST. THANK YOU!