Pass the Smeeze ...

420...A popular term used to describe a weed smoking time created by the Waldos because they always smoked at 4:20. It has spread into a code for smoking and now April 20th has been established as national pot smoking day (thank you, Whatever 420 means to you, we went ahead and took a wild guess it means the same to Mr. Smeezy too. So, we're going to send a few of these your way in honor of this national cannabis day.

Below are 3 main edition (teal) and 3 Silver variant full size (9" x 12") Smeezy Screen Prints, hand embellished by Marq Spusta. Gnome 11 will be sending 50% of the sales of these prints to Doctors Without Borders. (There are also 2 additional embellished Smeezys available today as 1-day auction on eBay). 

These prints are available for purchase as a lottery: $260 for Teals, $420 for Silver (+$15 shipping) and will be going to a select few of you. If you are interested in purchasing, complete the form below and share with us your favorite memory or moment that combines some Spusta Art with some good ganja, and 6 of you will be invoiced via Paypal to get your print! Ends at midnight tonight, PST.

WAIT! There's more! Marq has just added 2 additional Teal (main edition) embellished Smeezys and 2 more unknown variants into the mix! TOTALS 4 MORE prints available for this lotto (not pictured), going for $333 each, and you won't know which one you are getting. If you would rather opt for a Mystery Smeezy direct from the Spusta Studio, enter "MYSTERY SMEEZY" above and you'll be invoiced on Thursday if selected. Thanks for your support!