A Real Nice Mish Mash of Stuff...

Welcome to the mish mash of the stash. Getting a few new Trubbleflumpfs and Muzums out to you and they are mixed up with some good old favorites. 45% of these sales will be going to support Education Through Music. Winners will be chosen by random lottery by entering the form at the bottom and you can choose your first and second pick (this means that if you name is picked, instead of getting passed up because the print you want was already chosen before you, you get a second shot).

One entry form per person, two per household is fine.

Lottery will be up and available until Friday 3/17/17 morning, and then winners will be notified via Paypal invoice (and emailed). Winners will have until Monday 3/2017 at midnight to pay your invoice. All orders will be shipped within 5-7 days. You will not receive shipping updates through Paypal until then, so hang tight!