Now Knowing Baby Gnome #11.5 in NoPlaces

UPDATE: Lottery winners have been notified! The correct answers were:

B - 16 lbs

B - Mashed up greens (little weirdo)

B or D - Clumpy's or All of the Above, because these are what he looks at by his changing table each day, but he has a special fondness for Clumpy's

B - Bath time

Thank you so much for your support of these great charities and Marq's work!

I found a few Now In Noplace variants and I thought, a lottery - mixed with some Gnome 11 Trivia - would be a great hump day combo. For those of you who are newer to the Spusta Gnome Sercret Stash, we did a lottery on facebook back in the fall that included a "How well do you know Gnome 11?" trivia game and it was quite a hit! I thought since Baby Gnome (now known as Baby Gnome #11.5) has been pulling his weight a little more here and there around the stash, maybe we could include him in the trivia fun!

Below are four questions about Baby Gnome #11.5...please select your answers in the drop down menu if you are interested in purchasing one of the prints below (Green is $200, Silver is $250 and Gold Fleck is $300 - INCLUDED BONUS! These packages will include a new Gnome 11 print - could be a variant or main edition). Entries will be accepted only until 7AM PST on Thursday, March 10, 2015 - please do not submit entries past this point. Lucky lottery winners will be contacted via email and invoiced on Thursday to purchase their Now in Noplace print!

40% of the sales for this lotto will be going to the Sea Turtle Conservancy