Saving Our Oceans with Amazing Art Packs

**NOTE CHARITY UPDATE** Upon research, Gnome 11 found that was a better fit to send the 35% donation to. It was not sent to Ocean Conservation Society, but was sent to a notable nonprofit helping to protect our planet’s oceans. Note added on 2-26-19.

Below is a selection of packs put together by Gnome 11 for your viewing pleasure. One person will be randomly selected in lottery form for each pack and notified via Paypal invoice and email to purchase tomorrow (Mon 2/18/19).

All art came directly from the studio of Marq Spusta and we will be donating 35% of all sales from this lotto to the Ocean Conservation Society.

Each pack has descriptions and prices listed (hover or click for more info). To enter, ONE PER PERSON, TWO MAX per household, complete the form at the bottom of this post. $14 will be added for shipping, and please be prepared to pay your invoice by Wednesday morning.

Winners will be notified by noon PST on Monday 2/18/19. THANKS!