Spusta Gnome's Super Bowl Squares

This year's Super Bowl Pot of Spusta Art is sending 60% of funds to the Natural Resources Defense Council. You can purchase one square for $10 via the Paypal button at the bottom of this post. (Please read carefully).


These images show the winning pot of art for Super Bowl Sunday. There will be two sets of squares and therefore, 2 winners per quarter, bringing a total of 8 winners. On Monday morning, the 8 winning names will be thrown into a gnome hat, and will be drawn one by one, and in order, each will be emailed to choose which of the prints or packs is theirs to keep.

So...if you are one of the 8 winners, and your name is drawn first, you get to choose first, and then 7 prints remain. If you are #2, you choose yours, and there are 6 remaining, and so on...

We encourage you to pay close attention, as you will have a 24 hour window to respond to your email when your name is drawn to pick your prize...

Thank you for participating! Winners will be emailed Monday morning.