Mini Packs Supporting NRDC

Today's lottery of mini screen print art from Marq Spusta is sending 40% of all sales to the Natural Resources Defense Council. These mini packs are part selection, part mystery.

Each pack is $100 (includes shipping), and will include 4 total mini screen prints: 

TWO 7" x 7" prints and TWO 5" x 5" like the ones shown below (plus bonus micros).

YOU SELECT whether you want your pack to include a DRIPPLES or a LIL LISTENERS, or a SLOWING FOR THE SOUND (all colors vary). Complete the form at the bottom to enter, one per person, two MAX per household (form will be up until about 9pm PST tonight, 10/31/17).

AND your pack will also include ONE LIKE these prints below (mystery).

AND will also include TWO LIKE these mini 5" x 5" prints below (mystery).

All winners have been contacted at this time, thank you for participating!