Gnome-tastic Poster Lotto

Winners have been invoiced as of this afternoon on Sunday, Oct 16, 2016. Thank you for your support!

Gnome 11 went ahead and got lost in the archives, pulling out some old and new posters from different events. 40% of the lotto sales are going to Save the Children, and each will come with a full size Gnome 11 print, maybe regular...maybe variant...

To enter, fill out the form at the bottom, specifying which pair you want to purchase, and a winner will be randomly selected for each pack and invoiced. Winners will be contacted on Sunday 10/16/16 in the afternoon. Winners, please pay invoice within 2 days.

Pack #1 Crosby Stills + Edward Sharpe + Gnome 11 Print $250

Pack #2 Bottlerock Fest + Phil Lesh + Gnome 11 Print $250

Lockn' 2014+ Primus 2012 + Gnome 11 Print $250

Widespread Panic 2015 Las Vegas Set of Two + Gnome 11 Print = $800

NEW 2016 Dinosaur Jr Posters: Teal: $150, Absinthe $170, (TWO) Black Main Ed $90