Little Boogel Big Boogel

Little Boogel, Big Boogel, how do you get down and boogel?

This lottery will be determined by the closest guess to the question in the entry form below, and then chosen randomly from there. These packs are set in pricing tiers, once again, and you can enter ONE time per person, TWO per household, and have TWO chances to select a pack to purchase. 45% of these sales will be going to support St. Jude's Research.

First 300 entries ONLY. Invoices will be sent out tonight, Tuesday, January 17th and please pay invoice within 3 days. Thank you for your participation and generousity and good luck!


Tier 1 - $200 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 2 - $175 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 3 - $150 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 4 - $100 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 5 - $75 (+$15 shipping)