Spusta Gnome's Super Bowl Squares

This year's Super Bowl Pot of Spusta Art is sending 50% of funds to the Sea Shepherd Conservation.


LIMIT ONE SQUARE PER HOUSEHOLD…You will be refunded otherwise. Please communicate with family members before purchasing.

SQUARES ARE RANDOMLY ASSIGNED…The names, numbers and teams will be posted on this page as we get closer to the big game.


There will be two sets of squares and therefore, 2 winners per quarter, bringing a total of 8 winners.

On Monday morning after Superbowl, the 8 winning names will be thrown into a gnome hat, and will be drawn one by one, and in order, each will be emailed to choose which of the prints or packs is theirs to keep.

So...if you are one of the 8 winners, and your name is drawn first, you get to choose first (from the 8 prizes that will be shown below) and then 7 prints remain... If you are #2, you choose yours, and there are 6 remaining, and so on...

We encourage you to pay close attention to scores, as you will have a 24 hour window to respond to your email when your name is drawn to pick your prize starting the DAY AFTER the Superbowl.

THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED BETWEEN NOW AND SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Once 200 squares are filled, they are filled. We will be posting the prize packages throughout the week and also will update and fill in the squares as quickly as gnomingly possible. Numbers will be filled in the day of the game (using a random # generator).



Q1 is 0 and 0

Q2 is Patriots 3, Rams 0

Q3 is Patriots 3, Rams 3

Final is Patriots 13, Rams 3

Winner with 3, 3 score gets to pick twice, but will be drawn from the hat in random order.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 7.24.31 AM.png
SET A.png
SET B.png


8 Winners will be contacted in random order the day after Super Bowl and will each pick from the remaining prizes.