Poster Lottery Saving Our Wildlife

Below are a few different posters and prints from the Spusta Studio with Gnome 11 sending 40% of all these sales to the World Wildlife Fund.

Each poster is priced below and WILL COME WITH TWO MYSTERY 5" x 5" mini screen prints + $15 shipping.

(Note: The Romantic Chemistry Poster is only available as a SET of TWO WITH the Liquid Truth Serum Poster.) 

In order to enter, complete the form below and select the poster (or set) of your choice. One entry per person and only two per household. Form will be available until Sunday 2/25/18 in the morning and then winners will be selected and emailed/invoiced by Monday 2/26/18.


Guess how many prints are in this stack of minis below. Those with the closest guess will be chosen first for the lottery. In the event of a tie, the closest guesses will be tossed together and winners will be selected randomly from there.


New Mini Packs Supporting Council for the Blind

Gnome 11 is so excited to be sharing with you some of the freshest mini art out of the Spusta Studio, and for a great cause, 40% of all sales from this lottery will be donated to nonprofits supporting those who are visually impaired. A portion of this will support the Utah Council for the Blind, which was a suggestion from one of Marq's collectors (we appreciate the suggestions!) 

Correction: The other portion of the collected sales (40%) was donated to St. Jude's Hospital, in addition to the Utah Council for the Blind.

All of these mini screen print packs include 7" x 7" and 5" x 7" prints and a few of the newer micros as well. There are two tiers of prints to choose from and Mystery Packs are also available for $140 + $12 shipping. Here are a few of the new mini screen prints and their names below...

Tier 1

$100 + $12 shipping

Tier 2

$140 + $12 shipping

To enter, complete the form below and select which pack or Mystery Pack you hope to purchase. Two max entries per household, one per person. Winners will be selected randomly, contacted via email tomorrow (Thur, Feb 15) and sent a Paypal invoice. Please be prepared to pay your invoice within 3 days. We are accepting the first 300 entries only.

NOTE: All packs will be shipped by Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018. Please check your paid Paypal invoice for tracking. All winners have been notified as of 1:30pm PST on 2/15/18.

Bugs and Swings Bringing Food to Those in Need

Below are mini screen print packs from the studio of Marq Spusta. All packs are going for $175 (including shipping) and 40% of the sales from this lottery will be donated to support the World Food Program. WFP does whatever it takes to deliver lifesaving food to children and families most in need, wherever they are in the world, by providing meals in schools, distributing staples during emergencies and delivering food vouchers in conflict zones. 

Sizes: Bliss Bugs are 7" x 7", Spring Swings are 5" x 7" and the rest of the mini screen prints shown are 5" x 5". Every pack will come with a few micros/stickers or bookmarks. 

To enter the lottery to purchase, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post. You can choose your first choice and second choice. One entry per person, two entries limit per household. Random winners will be selected, emailed and sent a Paypal invoice tomorrow, Friday 2/9/18. One entry per person, two per household. Thank you for your support!

Winners will be emailed midday on Friday, 2/9/18. Please be prepared to pay your invoice by Sunday, 2/11/18 night. 

Spusta Gnome's Super Bowl Squares

This year's Super Bowl Pot of Spusta Art is sending 60% of funds to the Natural Resources Defense Council. You can purchase one square for $10 via the Paypal button at the bottom of this post. (Please read carefully).


These images show the winning pot of art for Super Bowl Sunday. There will be two sets of squares and therefore, 2 winners per quarter, bringing a total of 8 winners. On Monday morning, the 8 winning names will be thrown into a gnome hat, and will be drawn one by one, and in order, each will be emailed to choose which of the prints or packs is theirs to keep.

So...if you are one of the 8 winners, and your name is drawn first, you get to choose first, and then 7 prints remain. If you are #2, you choose yours, and there are 6 remaining, and so on...

We encourage you to pay close attention, as you will have a 24 hour window to respond to your email when your name is drawn to pick your prize...

Thank you for participating! Winners will be emailed Monday morning. 

Ziltchy Packs up for Grabs

All packs below include one 5" x 7" Ziltchy print (from the Spusta Studio), two 5" x 5" mini screen prints and the Wee Gnome Prince and Gnome 11 bookmarks as shown. Each pack is going for $100 + $12 shipping and 40% of all sales are going to support clean water for all at Please read descriptions (hover on image) carefully for some paper details.

If interested in entering the purchase lottery, you can select one pack shown below or a Mystery pack (includes the Ziltchy on surprise color, and 2 mystery 5" x 5"s and one of each bookmark).

All entries have been received, all winners will be notified Sunday 1/28/18 in the afternoon.

Wishing you a Ziltchy and Luminous Support our Natural Resources

Happy New Year! Today's lotto will be sending 40% of sales to the Natural Resources Defense Council. NRDC works to safeguard the earth and the natural systems on which all life depends. It’s a tall order. And we want to help. 

We have here a few Luminous Life prints (size 12" x 18") fresh out of the Spusta Studio. Part of the mystery of this lotto is how many of each edition (paper) Gnome 11 has available to go out.

As a winner of this lotto, you'll also be receiving ONE of the 5" x 7" Ziltchy mini screen prints. Some examples of colors are below (yes, there are a few foils in there). These colors will be random to winners. 

And you'll also be receiving one of these 5" x 5" minis shown below. Prints will be one of these shown below and colors will vary.

Lotto is closed, please check emails on 1/17/18 for winning notifications. THANK YOU!

Mini Packs Supporting NRDC

Today's lottery of mini screen print art from Marq Spusta is sending 40% of all sales to the Natural Resources Defense Council. These mini packs are part selection, part mystery.

Each pack is $100 (includes shipping), and will include 4 total mini screen prints: 

TWO 7" x 7" prints and TWO 5" x 5" like the ones shown below (plus bonus micros).

YOU SELECT whether you want your pack to include a DRIPPLES or a LIL LISTENERS, or a SLOWING FOR THE SOUND (all colors vary). Complete the form at the bottom to enter, one per person, two MAX per household (form will be up until about 9pm PST tonight, 10/31/17).

AND your pack will also include ONE LIKE these prints below (mystery).

AND will also include TWO LIKE these mini 5" x 5" prints below (mystery).

All winners have been contacted at this time, thank you for participating!

Secret Stash Secret Sales

(Please read details carefully!)

Gnome 11 has put together a secret stash of art from the studio of Marq Spusta just for you. These print packs will be slowly sent out to mailboxes everywhere now through the end of the month. If you have come across this unadvertised post, you are in luck.

Descriptions and prices are shown on each pack. If you are interested in purchasing one of the prints/packs, complete the entry form at the bottom and randomly, at ANY time before the end of October, you may receive an invoice from Gnome 11 for the print pack you have selected. 

The catch is, this is a NON-instagram and NON-facebook lottery. Do not share this post other than via word of mouth. This will be fun for those checking in with our Secret Stash website and increases your chances of being selected. This will also be a bit of a first come first serve lottery, as once an item has been sold, it will be marked as "SOLD" on this page.

You can only enter ONCE (twice per household), so choose wisely...Also, in good Gnome 11 fashion, 50% of all sales for this lottery is going to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Each pack will be shipped with a few micros/stickers and a mini Wee Gnome Bookmark and shipping is an additional $12.

You Pick, We Pick, Mini Packs

These top 9 mini screen prints have been embellished by Marq Spusta. To spice up this lottery, we have added in two mystery mini prints as well (a "mini" print is usually classified as one of Marq's prints that are either 5" x 5", 5" x 7" or 7" x 7" in size). This purchase lottery ($200) will include one of these top prints of your choice + one of the mystery prints in the middle set of 9 + one of the mystery prints in the bottom set of 9.

We are donating 45% of the sales from today's lottery to the Homeless Garden Project, out of Santa Cruz, CA, a nonprofit that provides transitional employment, job training and support services for individuals experiencing homelessness on their 3.5 acre organic farm. They also make value-added products and have a retail component to help train crew members for re-entering the workforce. This was a recommendation from a collector and we are happy to collaborate. Estimated donation is over $800!

So you pick one of these...(keep reading)... 

And receive ONE of these (random)...

And you'll also receive ONE of these (random) included in your pack...

...For a total of 3 mini prints + a few micros/stickers and a Wee Gnome Prince Bookmark. 

So you pick the top embellished mini, and receive one mystery mini from the middle set, and one mystery from the lower set. These packs are going for $200 and include your shipping! 

Complete the form to enter the purchase lottery and we will select 9 random winners to be invoiced by tomorrow 10/6/17 in the afternoon (please do not send Gnome 11 any special requests on this one, let's be fair and enjoy the mystery of it all!)

All of our selected "winners" have been emailed as of 1:30pm PST, Sat 10/7/17. THANK YOU!

Slowly Disposing of Gazings for Hurricane Relief

Hello, friends. Today we have a few sets of the art prints shown below by Marq Spusta available for purchase. They are going for $150 for the sets of TWO, and $200 for the set of THREE, ($15 for shipping will be added).

Each tube going out will include either a Wee Gnome Prince full size (green) or a surprise 7" x7" mini print as a bonus. 

If you are interested in purchasing today, please send an email to stating which print set you would like to purchase, and we will send out invoices to as many as the stash of prints will allow. 

40% of these sales will be going to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico via the Hispanic Federation


We accepted emails from a number of followers today and are all out of posters, come back soon for more art lottery sales! Thank you (and please do not share this post on FB).

We accepted emails from a number of followers today and are all out of posters, come back soon for more art lottery sales! Thank you (and please do not share this post on FB).

Fare Thee Well Supporting the Arts

Gnome 11 has a stack of Fare Thee Well concert posters by Marq Spusta that need new homes. 45% of these sales will be sent to support the charity Create Now, non-profit organization founded in 1996 that helps vulnerable children ages 2-22 through arts programs in all disciplines. This poster was from a concert series which were performed by most of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead and Trey Anastasio (Phish), among others, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead in the summer of 2015. This one was for the performances took place at Chicago's Soldier Field. These performances were publicized as the final time the musicians would all perform together. 

Fun Fact: Gnome 11 was actually in Chicago the weekend of this concert and will never forget how the streets of Chicago looked swarming with Grateful Dead Heads. It was something I'll always remember! That, and bumping into Spusta Fans left and right and being able to say "I know him!" 

We accepted emails from a number of followers today and are all out of posters, come back soon for more art lottery sales! Thank you!

20" x 15" lithographic poster for the Fare Thee Well shows at Soldier Field 2015

Below are a few examples of your mystery minis:

Embellished Art that Supports Mothers

Today's lottery of art by Marq Spusta is sending 40% to Every Mother Counts. Some prints are embellished and some come in packs, so read carefully. Every print or pack going out will include a few micros/stickers and a Wee Gnome Bookmark as a bonus. Please see lottery details and fill out the form below to enter the purchase lottery.

For those of you who may be new to the Spusta Gnome's Secret Stash works like this:

If you intend to purchase (and pay the invoice within 2 days) enter the form below with your top 2 print or pack choices. (Prints or packs are priced above and $15 will be added for shipping). We will randomly select one winner for each option and send your invoice to purchase. You'll receive your print (and bonus micros/stickers) within about a week! Thank you as always for your support of Marq, the Stash and these charities!

Winners will be emialed & invoiced by Thursday 9/28 in the evening. 

Slowly Sprung Sets

Gnome 11 has a small stack of Slowly Sprung prints (Main edition out of 700) that are paired with a few other main edition screen prints shown. These are going out to a few of you today for $100 + $15 shipping.

Each pair will come with a few bonuses (minis/stickers) and will be donating 45% of the sales to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Lottery Purchase entries are all done for today! Thank you!

Please do not share this post on FB, as we are treating our Instagram followers and those checking in on the website today. Gnomes are sneaky like that.

Share Our Strength with a Tiered System of Prints

Special instructions: so read carefully. Below, you will find five "tiers" of mini screen print packs from the archive of Gnome 11...from the studio of Marq Spusta. This week, we are donating 45% of all sales from this lottery to Share Our Strength: No Kid Hungry charity.

To enter the random lottery to purchase your selection of art, enter the contact form at the bottom of the page. This entry form will be available for until Tuesday 9/12/17 evening, and then poof, it will be gone. 

How it works: You will choose which TIER you are interested in, and IF selected (randomly) you will be emailed & invoiced, and then (once paid) sent ONE of the packs in that particular tier, but WHICH pack that arrives in your mailbox, will be a mystery. (Note: there may be 1-2 additional packs in these tiers not pictured, but very similar). Good luck! 

(Winners will be notified Wednesday morning, 9/13/17)

Tier 1 - $500

Tier 2 - $300

Tier 3 - $175

Tier 4 - $135

Tier 5 - $65

All entries have been received, thank you! Winners of the lottery will be notified Wednesday 9/13/17 in the morning.

Gnomey Mini Packs for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Today's lotto of mini screen print packs have been carefully selected by Gnome 11 and are in need of a good home. 50% of the sales of these Spusta mini print packs will be going to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey via the Greater Houston Community Foundation

Please see the selection of packs below with their prices underneath/hover. If you are interested in purchasing, please complete the form below, one per person, two per household. Winners will be randomly selected and notified/invoiced on Thursday 9/7, and you'll have until Sunday 9/10 to pay your invoice. Please only enter if you intend to purchase if you win. 

All entries have been received! Winners of the purchase lottery will be contacted by NOON PST Thursday 8/7/17.

You can also donate directly through the link to help those who are victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. 

A Disposal of Caravans for Children in Need

Today's lotto will be sending 45% of sales to support Save the Children. Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In the U.S. and around the world, they give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm, doing whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.

To enter the lottery to purchase, you may enter ONE time, and you can give your 1st and 2nd choice. Also, in the message, please note if you are a new collector and/or have never purchased an art print from Gnome 11 before (market research, does not mean you will or will not be selected based on answer). Winners will be selected randomly and invoiced on Friday morning, 8/18. Please be prepared to pay your invoice by Sunday, 8/20. Two entries per household please. 

All entries have been received! Winners will be notified by 9am PST on 8/18/17.

First Come, First Serve - Round Two

We have 12 unique prints that are available in this random customer selection lottery. Each selected "winner" will have a choice from the remaining Marq Spusta prints of the bunch if they choose to make a purchase...

40% of all sales are going to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Example: First selected winner is contacted, and they can choose any print shown below, first come first serve, and then purchase (via Paypal invoice). Then Gnome 11 will mark the print as "SOLD" on this page and move on to the next selected winner.

THE CATCH: You will have 24 hours to respond to your email once we contact you to select your print (and you will have 2 days to pay your invoice.)


To enter, complete the form below with your name and email. The first winner will be randomly selected in the next 24 hours, and each following winner will be contacted within a 24 hour period after that. Please check your emails!

Invoice will be sent upon confirmation of which print you choose. Then you will have 2 days to pay your invoice. This lottery may take up to 12+ days to complete, so hang tight and visit this page to see progress of which prints are still remaining!

A Mini Print for a Big Thanks

Some of you may be aware of a few Gnome glitches that happened yesterday that were a little unexpected. We are still cleaning up the mess and appreciate all of your understanding.

I am simply in awe of the amount of encouraging messages and emails received. We are so grateful for your support of Marq's art/the Spusta Studio, and for our ability to continually raise funds for causes that are making a difference around the world.

Although the day started off a little rough, Gnome 11/Marq is still planning to donate our usual 40% of yesterday's Spusta Gnome's Secret Stash sales, and we collected an UNPLANNED amount of over $3200 for charity!

Sometimes good things come out of chaos. Thanks again for all the kind words, I read them all!


For those of you who either missed out on the Ivory Muzums sale this morning from Gnome 11, or missed it because it was late, or got really annoyed because it was late, we are so sorry for what happened. Gnomes make mistakes too and we really appreciate the understanding. 

It was a long morning after the Paypal button decided to oversell our prints as well. So after some cleanup and sorting, Gnome 11 decided to send out a few little "thank yous" to those of you who were inconvenienced!

Gazings at a Quiet Disposal...of Variants

Ahhh...there's nothing like some new Spusta art to get your weekend off to a great start. Let us share with you "A Quiet Disposal" and "Gazings" to add to the grand collection. 40% of these sales will be going to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Estimated contributions are over $2,000! Thanks as always for your support!

These beautiful variants (and a few regular editions as marked) are going via random purchase lottery and you can only pick one! Entries will be open from about 8am-10am PST on Saturday, May 13, 2017. One per household please!

Please read fine print at the bottom and look for the entry form to appear on Saturday morning!

Things to know:

1. There is one of each variant available. There are about 3-5 of the regular editions of both A Quiet Disposal and Gazings. There are 3 packs of the Trubblefrumps+Muzums as shown.

2. Every print (or pack) going out will include a Wee Gnome Prince regular size print and a new bookmark sized Wee Gnome Prince (colors vary).

3. Entries will be open from about 8am-10am PST on Saturday, May 13, 2017. One per household please!

4. Please plan to pay within 48 hours of receiving an invoice, and NOTE: orders may take up to ONE WEEK to ship, this time around.