A Mini Print for a Big Thanks

Some of you may be aware of a few Gnome glitches that happened yesterday that were a little unexpected. We are still cleaning up the mess and appreciate all of your understanding.

I am simply in awe of the amount of encouraging messages and emails received. We are so grateful for your support of Marq's art/the Spusta Studio, and for our ability to continually raise funds for causes that are making a difference around the world.

Although the day started off a little rough, Gnome 11/Marq is still planning to donate our usual 40% of yesterday's Spusta Gnome's Secret Stash sales, and we collected an UNPLANNED amount of over $3200 for charity!

Sometimes good things come out of chaos. Thanks again for all the kind words, I read them all!


For those of you who either missed out on the Ivory Muzums sale this morning from Gnome 11, or missed it because it was late, or got really annoyed because it was late, we are so sorry for what happened. Gnomes make mistakes too and we really appreciate the understanding. 

It was a long morning after the Paypal button decided to oversell our prints as well. So after some cleanup and sorting, Gnome 11 decided to send out a few little "thank yous" to those of you who were inconvenienced!

Gazings at a Quiet Disposal...of Variants

Ahhh...there's nothing like some new Spusta art to get your weekend off to a great start. Let us share with you "A Quiet Disposal" and "Gazings" to add to the grand collection. 40% of these sales will be going to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Estimated contributions are over $2,000! Thanks as always for your support!

These beautiful variants (and a few regular editions as marked) are going via random purchase lottery and you can only pick one! Entries will be open from about 8am-10am PST on Saturday, May 13, 2017. One per household please!

Please read fine print at the bottom and look for the entry form to appear on Saturday morning!

Things to know:

1. There is one of each variant available. There are about 3-5 of the regular editions of both A Quiet Disposal and Gazings. There are 3 packs of the Trubblefrumps+Muzums as shown.

2. Every print (or pack) going out will include a Wee Gnome Prince regular size print and a new bookmark sized Wee Gnome Prince (colors vary).

3. Entries will be open from about 8am-10am PST on Saturday, May 13, 2017. One per household please!

4. Please plan to pay within 48 hours of receiving an invoice, and NOTE: orders may take up to ONE WEEK to ship, this time around. 


Mystery Packs for Unicef

Happy Friday! Today we are doing a lottery for some Gnome 11 signature mystery packs. These are a little different from each other, each unique in their own way (just like gnomes.) 40% of sales from this lottery are going to support UNICEF.

Each pack has a 7" x 7" mini print, could be a Slowing for the Sound, or a Progressing, or maybe something else. Some have a Knowing of Gnomeness, some have something that's a little harder to find. Some have a 5" x 5" and some have more than one. But each is sure to bring you happiness and joy on this lovely day. They all have a new Wee Gnome Prince bookmark. 

This lottery is going to be running all day and will have a little Gnome 11 trivia to go with it. Answers (no, not the one about your favorite print) will be posted tonight and winners will be notified then. Please pay by Sunday evening ($150 includes shipping!).

(If someone does not get all the answers, we will go with closest to selection or random for ties).

Which pack you receive is absolutely a mystery, cannot grant any requests on this one! One per person and one per household please! Each pack is $150 and includes shipping.

WINNING ANSWERS: Baby Gnome Bday is in September, Gnome 11's favorite print right now is Seven Birds, and there are 13 packs in this lotto!

Art for you, music for them.

This collection of art by Marq Spusta is going up today as a lotto, with a limited number of entries. 40% of the sales from this lotto will be going to Education Through Music. Complete the form at the bottom and select your top 3 prints to increase your odds of selection.

The first 300 entries have been received, thank you for participating and your support!

A Real Nice Mish Mash of Stuff...

Welcome to the mish mash of the stash. Getting a few new Trubbleflumpfs and Muzums out to you and they are mixed up with some good old favorites. 45% of these sales will be going to support Education Through Music. Winners will be chosen by random lottery by entering the form at the bottom and you can choose your first and second pick (this means that if you name is picked, instead of getting passed up because the print you want was already chosen before you, you get a second shot).

One entry form per person, two per household is fine.

Lottery will be up and available until Friday 3/17/17 morning, and then winners will be notified via Paypal invoice (and emailed). Winners will have until Monday 3/2017 at midnight to pay your invoice. All orders will be shipped within 5-7 days. You will not receive shipping updates through Paypal until then, so hang tight!

Gnomerific Mini + Micro Packs

Gnome 11 has created a few packs for you today, with minis and micros (and some with a few stickers). Each pack shown below is going for $150 (+$15 shipping). 40% of these sales are going to support UNICEF.

We are taking the first 300 entries in this lottery and winners will be chosen randomly from there, and invoiced tomorrow (3/9/17) in the morning. One entry per household, and all packs come as is and cannot be customized.

Some of these packs may or may not also include a bonus Wee Gnome Prince print - exclusive to Gnome 11's Secret Stash!

There are also 3 Gnomerrific Mystery Packs available for $175 (+$15 shipping) that you can choose from!


Enter below by completing the form. The form will be taken down after 300 entries have been received. One entry per household, and all packs come as is and cannot be customized.

FOMO Giveaway!

If you've missed out on acquiring some Spusta art this past year, this GIVEAWAY IS FOR YOU!

The 4 prints below are going out this weekend to lucky winners who have felt not so lucky lately. If you have not won a lottery with Gnome 11 in the last year or are very new to Spusta Art and want your collection to grow, please enter the form at the bottom. Winners (will be randomly selected) will be contacted on Sunday morning and invoiced for a $10 shipping fee. (Please be kind, if you have purchased art on ebay or through the Spusta Stash in the last 12 months, let's have you sit this one out.)


Winners will be contacted on Sunday morning and invoiced for their $10 shipping fee. SELECT YOUR FAVORITE PRINT, ONE PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD! (ends Sunday 2/26 morning)

Mini Packs to Protect our Resources

Today we are doing a lottery for mini screen print packs with art by Marq Spusta. 50% of these sales are going to the Natural Resources Defense Council. All packs come as is and those with *** have a small imperfections that are shown in photos at the bottom of this post.

To enter, select your FIRST and SECOND choice of print packs, ONE per person, TWO per household. We are only accepting the first 300 entries into this lottery. 


Thank you! Our 300 entries have been received. Winners will be invoiced on Wed 2/22/17 in the afternoon.

Thank you! Our 300 entries have been received. Winners will be invoiced on Wed 2/22/17 in the afternoon.

First Come, First Serve Print Lottery

Gnome 11 is putting a new spin on our print lottery this month. Instead of a series of lottos and picking individual winners for each print, here we have 18 prints with prices, and each randomly selected "winner" will get to CHOOSE their Marq Spusta print to purchase!

45% of all sales are going to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Example: First selected winner is contacted, and they can choose any print listed, first come first serve, and then purchase (via Paypal invoice). Then Gnome 11 will mark the print as "SOLD" on this page and move on to the next selected winner.

THE CATCH: You will have 24 hours to respond to your email once we contact you to select your print (and you will have 2 days to pay your invoice.)


**A note about full size Caravans: All full sized caravans are on thicker paper and tend to appear worse upon unrolling, and look significantly better within just a few days of laying flat. We suggest laying flat for 1-2 weeks and they will relax and be fine. Thanks!

To enter, complete the form below with your name and email. The first winner will be randomly selected in the next 24 hours, and each following winner will be contacted within a 24 hour period after that. Please check your emails!

Invoice will be sent upon confirmation of which print you choose. Then you will have 2 days to pay your invoice. This lottery may take up to 18+ days to complete, so hang tight and visit this page to see progress of which prints are still remaining!

Entries begin Monday 2/6/17 at 9am PST and close on Tuesday morning, 2/7/17.

Spusta Stash Super Bowl Squares

Say that ten times fast, eh?

Last year we did ONE set of Super Bowl squares, raising some money for charity and giving away a few great pieces of art! This year we are doubling the chances, doing TWO sets of squares and 8 chances to win!

We are raising money for the Sturge-Weber Foundation (50% of sales) and there will be one winner per quarter. 


The prints shown above will be the winning pot of art for Super Bowl Sunday (some come with minis). The 8 winners (one from each quarter) will be thrown into a gnome hat, and will be drawn one by one, and in order, they will each be able to choose which of the above art prints is theirs to keep. So if you are one of the 8 winners, and your name is drawn first, you get to choose first, and then 7 prints remain. If you are #2, you choose yours, and there are 6 remaining, and so on...

We encourage you to pay close attention, as you will have a 24 hour window to respond to your email when your name is drawn to pick your prize...

Here are the filled in squares for this weekend's big game! Good luck!

Mini Variety Pack Lottery

Gnome 11 has pieced together some mini packs for you. Select from a Dripples, Sleeping Sonny, Lil Listeners OR a Progressing 7" x 7" mini screen print and you'll also receive TWO 5" x 5" minis and a micro of Gnome 11's choice. Each pack is $135 and includes shipping. 45% of the sales from this lotto are going to support No Kid Hungry

One entry per person and two per household. What's the catch? Guess how many packs are going out in this lotto...to enter complete the form at the bottom. It may disappear any time tonight before Gnome 11 goes to bed...invoices will go out Monday morning!

One 7" x 7" DRIPPLES + TWO Mystery 5" x 5" minis + one mystery micro

One 7" x 7" SLEEPING SONNY OR LIL LISTENERS + TWO Mystery 5" x 5" minis + one mystery micro

One 7" x 7" PROGRESSING + TWO Mystery 5" x 5" minis + one mystery micro

Some of the possibilities for your 5" x 5" minis...


**There may be a few packs that have multiple sized micros + one 5" x 5" mini in place of two 5" x 5" minis. 

***see photo below for Blue Lil Listeners 7" x 7"

Little Boogel Big Boogel

Little Boogel, Big Boogel, how do you get down and boogel?

This lottery will be determined by the closest guess to the question in the entry form below, and then chosen randomly from there. These packs are set in pricing tiers, once again, and you can enter ONE time per person, TWO per household, and have TWO chances to select a pack to purchase. 45% of these sales will be going to support St. Jude's Research.

First 300 entries ONLY. Invoices will be sent out tonight, Tuesday, January 17th and please pay invoice within 3 days. Thank you for your participation and generousity and good luck!


Tier 1 - $200 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 2 - $175 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 3 - $150 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 4 - $100 (+$15 shipping)

Tier 5 - $75 (+$15 shipping)

Embellished Gems from our Stash to Yours

We're kicking the new year off with some gorgeous unique embellished prints from Marq Spusta. Choose wisely, because you can only enter the lotto to win this purchase once, but Gnome 11 is giving you a 1st and 2nd option for which print you want (So if you're first choice is already purchased when your name is drawn, you still get a shot!)

Today's lottery sales will be sending 45% to the National Brain Tumor Society. Our estimated contribution is nearly $1,000! Thanks as always for your support. Enter at the bottom of this post to win. The form will disappear within 24 hours of this being posted.

Complete the form below to enter, and only one entry per person. Invoices will be sent on Friday evening. Please pay within 3 days. 

Happy Pleasant Mystery Minis

Winners have been notified, thank you and happy holidays!

So Gnome 11 may have already implied we were wrapping up sales and lottos for the year, but what can we say? We Gnomes have a special place in our hearts for the holidays (weird, right?) So it's your lucky day, we have once again, opened the archives and put together some sweet mini packs for you - just in time for the season of giving! 

Each pack includes a mini 5" x 5" giclee print of Happy Pleasant Flight, while the rest of the pack remains a mystery...looking something like these pictured below. These will ship out on Thursday, so please be prepared to pay by 7am PST on Thursday, 12/15, if you are selected as a winner!

Packs are going at $150 each, and 55% of the sales will be donated to the 2016 Holiday Toy Drive through the Support Center for Child Advocates. Thanks, as always for your support!

To enter, complete the form and GUESS HOW MANY packs are going out today! Winners will be contacted and invoiced anytime from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Spusta Prints Supporting Tots

This holiday season, Marq Spusta & Gnome 11 have put together a special purchase lottery of art that is donating a generous 75% of sales to Toys for Tots. The winner of each lottery purchase below will help Gnome 11 select the city of their choice for the donation to Toys for Tots to go to. We gnomes & Marq truly appreciate all of your support and wish all of you and your families a splendid holiday season!

One entry per person, two per household. To enter the lottery to purchase, fill out the contact form below and winners will be randomly selected, emailed and invoiced on Saturday, December 10, 2016 by midday. Please be prepared to pay your invoice within 3 days. Small prints will be shipped flat, priority, with a few gnomey extras and the Vegas WP set of two will be shipped in a tube with a Gnome 11 full size print. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Thankful for Spusta Posters & Orangutans...

It's #GivingTuesday so let's have one more poster lottery to wrap things up this holiday season! This time around, 45% of all sales is going to support the Orangutan Project.

These posters are the work of Marq Spusta and are coming to you directly from the archives of the Spusta Gnome's Secret Stash. We are excited to get a few out to you today in support of this great cause. They are coming in sets of two and are priced below. Please complete the form at the bottom and winners will be randomly selected and invoiced on Wednesday 11/30/16.**


**After doing some Gnomey investigating it appears that a few of these posters were a little rough around the edges from their time spent in the archives, so the prices have been adjusted and the photos are at the very bottom to see damage...

$150 Set of 2

$600 Set of 2

$125 Set of 2

Set of 2 $275

Happy Holiday Mini Packs

We gnomes hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week! To add to the gratitude, let's have a mini pack lotto. 40% of this lottery's sales will to to Share Our Strength, No Kid Hungry. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is ending child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day.

The mini packs below come as is, as a few have an extra print in them or have a marking, so please pick your pack carefully! Each pack will also come with a small Gnome 11 print and a surprise micro. One entry per person, there are two types of packs with two different price points.

Tier 1 Rubber Paper Packs - $150 each

Tier 2 Mini Packs - $225 each

To enter to purchase, please complete the form below, winners will be selected randomly and will be emailed and invoiced on Tuesday 11/22/16 midday. One entry per person, two per household, thank you and have a great holiday!

Gnomey Posters from the Archives

Gnome 11 has come across some great posters from the archives and wants to get them out to you. These posters are going below as sets of 2, and are priced below in the contact form.

45% of the sales from this purchase lottery will be going to USA UNICEF, supporting UNICEF's Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts. 

To enter the purchase lottery, enter the contact form below and select the poster set of 2 you would like to purchase. Please note that they have different prices and be prepared to pay your invoice within 3 days. These will be shipped in a tube and priority mail and insured, along with a large regular edition Gnome 11 print.

Select a number between 1-300, and the closest guess will be selected as winners for each poster pack of two.

Winners will be invoiced on Tuesday morning, Nov 15, 2016.

Mystery Bugs & Birds Lottery

Entries for this lotto have been closed as of Sunday 11/13/16, winners have been invoiced.

Today, we need some joy. And what is more joyful than a lottery filled with some of your favorite birds and bugs? Bonus: TWO of you will be winning one of these packs for FREE!

How it works: Here are two types of "mystery bugs & birds" packs, one with a Giclee Print and one without. Both types of packs will include a Bug's Offering 9" x 6" like these... (but which one, that is the mystery)

Each pack will also include a Fweeps 5" x 5" like this:

And will ALSO include one of these little bugs 3" x 6"

A pack with the above 3 mini prints is going for $125 + $10 shipping. There is an undisclosed amount of these packs in Gnome 11's archives. 

A select few of you will be able to add on ONE of these giclee mini prints as well, so the pack includes one of each print shown on this page (4 total), going for $205 + $10 for shipping.

IMPORTANT: 40% of the sales from this lotto will be going to Operation Smile (hopefully this is making you smile)...and these packs MAY TAKE UP TO ONE WEEK TO SHIP. Please be patient and be prepared to pay your invoice within 3 days, as after that we will have to move on to the next in line. One entry per person, two per household. Thank you!